Festival CooPermative

International Permaculture Days 12-14 June 2020


Once again, we have the great pleasure of inviting you to the wild, eastern part of Poland to celebrate the International Days of Permaculture.

The leitmotif for us during this beautiful June weekend will be “KooPermatywy” (cooperative+permaculture). It will be time filled with workshops, presentations, mutual inspiration, lectures, interesting meetings, conversations at the campfire and good music.

The main idea will be networking, working together and cooperation between “avid permaculturists”, New Earth builders and those in which this fire is just beginning to burn.

We will share our experience and permaculture related passions. It will be a time of sharing inspiration, finding others that are just like us and uniting on the basis of passions and interests!


Until the festival left:








The festival has been run under ‘the wings’ of Monika Podsiadła for several years. Monika is a permaculture teacher who has over 20 years of experience in creating a model permaculture habitat and gardens, and helps others in fulfilling their dreams of their permaculture “paradise”.

Currently, she dreams of creating a Permaculture Center in Podlodówek. She is a co-author of the book entitled: “Permaculture Gardens, Touching the Earth”.


Year 2018 is very important for us- as we have a lot of work with transforming and developing a newly purchased habitat in Podlodówek – our new Permaculture Center. For this year, we have planned more activities that we hope will open more opportunities for you to acquire practical skills, both in creating permaculture habitat and creating ecovillage communities.

We invite you to Workcamp 2 weeks before the festival! After the festival, we are also open to people willing to stay with us longer and contribute to the development of the place!

Three days of the festival mean more knowledge, fun, cooperation, exchange of thoughts, skills and staying in a creative space among friends! We want you to see how much can be done through cooperation!

Like every year there will be a wonderful atmosphere to create which we do not need any “boosters” (drugs, alcohol etc)!!!
In today’s times focused on individualism, it is worth returning to the primitive, tribal, community behavior, because, as you know, ‘united we stand!”


Festival Program:

  • Presentations of speakers from the country and from abroad
  • Presentations of the participants of their projects and permaculture-related projects
  • Creating organic buildings
  • Workshops
  • Bonfires
  • Concerts
  • Dances
  • Exercises
  • Gaya Music Session (etnic and folk)
  • Storytelling
  • The Tree of Gratitude

We offer also: outdoor exercises (yoga, tribal fusion and others), everyday common circles, notice board, replacement of seeds and seedlings, stands (possibility to sell items made by you).

And that was last year: