Festival KooPermative 2018

Organizational informations

Where and when?

Centrum Permakultury (Ogrody Permakultury)
25-27 of May 2018, Podlodówek (near Lublin), Poland

Ogrody Permakultury

Podlodówek 20
21-140, Gmina Michów, woj. Lubelskie

We invite you to Workcamp 2 weeks before the festival! After the festival, we are also open to people willing to stay with us longer and contribute to the development of the place!

Your creative participation:

  • Feel free to contact us (before and during the festival) if you like to lead a workshop, presentation or any other creative activity that will enlight more people. We will be happy to add your presentation to the program and write a few nice words in a separate post at the facebook event!
  • If you are invoved in an interesting permaculture project, in a city or in a village, and you would like to present your place and share your experiences – I encourage you to contact me in advance: auramm@wp.pl


  • Meals that will be prepared for you by Aurelia and our volunteers will be filled with love and, as much as possible, with trophies from our garden. HEALTHY, GREEN AND VEGAN.
  • Herbal teas, hot water will be freely available!
  • Products and single meals will be also sold during festival.

Sleeping places:

  • Sleeping places: there will be a limited number of places under the roof, so please bring your tents with you.

That we need:

  • Organization of space and time for children
  • Benches and tables for sitting
  • All types of roofs (also tilt, canvas etc.)
  • Materials for construction
  • Hands to work
  • Spoons, cups, forks, plates, etc.
  • Refrigerator
  • Large kitchen for cooking
  • Large cooking pot for cooking on the fire
  • Jars
  • Chairs
  • Hammocks

Cash donations are welcome for the organization of the festival: 06 2490 0005 0000 4000 1613 4816

We ask you not to use any “supporters” during the festival and to keep sober minds and open hearts for permaculture knowledge and practice: about gardens, alternative education, natural building, renewable energies, passive systems, alternative economics, and many, many other practical things that will support us in growing together and becoming more independent beings!
We do not use any narcotic drugs on the festival grounds, nor do we use any religious or esoteric practices. Here we only deal with the permacultural and practical side of the force!


  • Entrance fee that fully covers the organization costs is 100 PLN (prepayment) or 110 PLN (first day of the festival). Fee covers 3 meals per day and camping field.
  • Entrance per one day is 50 PLN.
  • We have also created an option for ‘Globetrotters’ – PLN 30 per day with 1 meal, or an ‘Globetrotters’ option for the whole festival : 80 PLN ( 2 meals a day option)

By paying some more, you can buy someone an entrance 🙂 Thanks to your higher payment, someone else will be able to enter for free! We will prepare a special list for that! Those who are interested in entrance paid by someone else, please write to me an email: auramm@wp.plThe order of applications counts!
I am thankful to the donors on behalf of the recipients!


Please, donate with the note “Koopermatywa” + surname and first name to my account: 06 2490 0005 0000 4000 1613 4816

If money is not the best form of exchange for you- there is a volunteering option, but in this case, please join us at least 3 days before the festival and stay at least 2 days after. In this case, we will conduct Magic Hut (collection for food on a voluntary basis).

More information coming soon! If you have any question-contact me: auramm@wp.pl