Terms and Conditions

of CooPermative 2020

CooPermative Festival 2020 – Terms and Conditions

  1. General Provisions

1.1. CooPermative Festival 2020 takes place from June 12th to June 14th in Education Center Permaculture Gardens in Podlodówek, Poland.

1.2. Terms and Conditions apply to everyone on the Education Center Permaculture Gardens’ premises during the Festival. Each participant is bound by the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of the Festival.

1.3. Event organizers do not provide medical insurance (including accident insurance). Organizers do not take responsibility for any possible casualties, including injury and death. Participants are free to purchase additional health insurance on their own.

1.4. Organizer has the right to cancel the Festival without further notice or change its date, location or agenda in the event of unforeseen circumstances, i.e. national mourning, sickness, temporary disability, etc. In such a case, every ticket holder has rights in accordance with the Polish law.

  1. Ticket purchase and participation in the Festival

2.1. Anyone who had purchased a ticket or has the organizers’ permission to enter the site can participate in the Festival.

2.2. Tickets are available in pre-sale as well as on arrival at the Festival from June 12th to June 14th. We offer either an all-inclusive 3-day ticket or one-day ticket.

  • All-inclusive 3-day ticket – entrance for the entire Festival from start on Friday at 2 pm to finish on Sunday at 8 pm, including campsite accommodation. Ticket price in pre-sale amounts to 100 zl, 120 zl on arrival.
  • One-day ticket – entrance for one day of the Festival with no accommodation. The ticket price is 50 zł.

Children older than 10yo – half of all fees.

You can help gift free entrance to someone if you add a little extra with your payment 🙂 We will have free of charge tickets available – please let us know at auramm@wp.pl in case you’d like to benefit from one of those – first come, first served! A warm thank you to all the contributors in advance!

2.3. During the Festival, we offer 2 vegan meals: lunch and dinner. They can be bought before arrival for 90 zl / 3 days or 35 zl / day paid on arrival. In case you buy meals on site: lunch is for 20 zl, dinner for 15 zl. Children older than 10yo – half of all fees.

2.4. All payments for tickets should be transferred into the account below:

Account number 22 1560 0013 2009 0166 4000 0001

Title CooPermative + name and surname

It is allowed to make payments on behalf of third parties.

2.5.Tickets are available in pre-sale up to June 10th (after this date you can send us a transfer confirmation at auramm@wp.pl). It is not allowed to resell or pass the tickets on to other people. If you’d like a refund for your ticket, let the organizers know until June 1st. The refunds will not be issued for those who submit their claims afterwards.

2.6. Minors must provide parents’ or caregivers’ permission for the participation in the Festival in writing at the entrance.

2.7. Each participant is obliged to have their ticket on them at all times. It is forbidden to pass your ticket on to third parties. Losing the ticket should be immediately communicated to the Info Point. Anyone trying to enter the Festival without a ticket will be asked to leave the premises.

III. Participants’ Rights and Obligations

3.1. Participants are bound to act respectfully during the Festival on the Educational Center Permaculture Gardens premises.

3.2. Participants are bound to follow safety rules and give first aid when needed. In case of any possible health and safety risks, participants should immediately speak to the organizers.

3.3. Participants should follow any guidance offered by the organizers.

3.4. It is forbidden to be in possession, to use or consume any substances that may cause danger to others, particularly

  1. a) drugs and alcohol;
  2. b) flammable, toxic or radioactive chemicals;
  3. c) any weapons, explosives or pyrotechnics;
  4. d) pepper sprays, electric stun guns, police and telescopic batons and other personal defense means;

3.5. Participants are obliged to keep the Festival grounds clean and orderly.

3.6. Destruction of any property is strictly forbidden. The offender is responsible for any damage of material property.

3.7. Smoking is generally not permitted on the Festival grounds with the exception of designated points.

3.8. Alcohol and drug consumption is strictly forbidden. It is not allowed to be under the influence on the Festival grounds.

3.9. We ask not to perform any religious nor esoteric practices at the Festival grounds.

3.10. Participants should bring warm clothing, sleeping bags, camping mats, flash lights. It is also advisable to bring cutlery, plates, mugs as well as musical instruments.

3.11. We use composting toilets as well as pit latrines on the Festival grounds.

3.12. There will be access to solar and passive showers on the Festival grounds, but we cannot guarantee hot water given the amount of Participants.

3.13. We ask to use natural personal hygiene and cleaning products that do not negatively affect the environment.

3.14. We will be organizing activities for kids and we invite parents to participate and take initiative.

3.15. Dogs are allowed on the Festival grounds provided they are fairly calm, it is best to also have a muzzle with you. Please keep an eye on your dogs or keep them on a leash. Caretakers are fully responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Everyone is responsible for the behavior of their dog.

3.16. We kindly ask that adult participants of the Festival co-create it with us in the form of so-called: “Karma Yoga”, i.e. voluntary assistance in the ongoing work carried out around the event in one day for 1 hour. We will establish the “Karma Yoga” schedule at the Welcome Center.

  1. Organizers’ Rights and Obligations

4.1. Anyone who does not follow Terms and Conditions can be removed from the premises by the organizers. In such a case, refunds for tickets will not be issued.

4.2. Organizer is not responsible for any possessions left unattended.

  1. Final Provisions

5.1. Organizers reserve the right to make changes to Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Terms and Conditions up to date are published on Educational Center Permaculture Gardens’ website www.koopermatywy.pl as well as displayed at the Info Point.

5.2. Being present at the Festival grounds is equal to full acceptance of Terms and Conditions.

5.3. Organizers will decide on any matters not specified by Terms and Conditions.